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There is a big interest for International Chess Festival in the ancient Nakhchivan, where National Leader Heydar Aliyev was born. World chess masters needs badly for this championship. As a tradition, many chess masters participate this year in festival. This words said by Elman Rustamov, President of the Azerbaijan Chess Federation to “Sharg gapisi” newspaper. He said that Opening Ceremony of “Nakhchivan Open-2019” chess festival dedicated to the 96th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev was grandiose and this festival has a famous place in the Azerbaijan and world chess calendar. Elman Rustamov noted that 356 participants from 14 countries are involved to the festival and they will struggle in three groups. He emphasized that he is sure that big chess festival will have successful end. 

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“Nakhchivan Open-2019” Chess Festival is the high level tournament. High rating chess masters participation is good evidence for this.

These words said by the vice president of the International Chess Federation and the President of Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tulay.

 Gulkiz Tulay, participating second time in the Nakhchivan Chess Festival said that last year he was in Julfa, Ordubad and Babek children and youth Chess Schools, followed the teaching process, and met with young chess players who had good places in tournament and he said that he was a witness of important work for the development and popularity of chess in the autonomous republic.

“Chess schools in Nakhchivan in the level to show good sample to the world. Chess is also developed in Turkey, but if there is a free time next to the education, people may allow time for chess and other things. In Azerbaijan and in autonomous republic, chess become the part of education” said the president of the Chess Federation of the Turkish Republic. He noted that he was wandered with the Nakhchivan antiquity and contemporaneity in his every visit.

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Recently, the Russian historian, well-known  Caucasus-explorer  scientist  Oleq Kuznetsov has been to Nakhchivan. The scholar  who has interesting  scientific researches is also one of the historians  delivering the truth of Azerbaijan to the world as it is. We introduce the interview with him to the readers of “Sharq  Qapisi” :

- Oleq Uryevich, it is nice to see you in Nakhchivan again. It would be interesting to know the goal of your visit  this time.

- Thank you very much. The purpose of my this visit bears individual character. As you see, I have come to Duzdag  for treatment. My close friends recommended me to choose this resort center. I am very satisfied with the conditions and the service rendered  here and I feel the positive affect of the treatment  day by day, as well. On the other hand, there are many people who know me closely in Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan. And as a result of this, we were in Nakhchivan section of  ANAS, Nakhchivan State Television. In a word, to be in Nakhchivan is always pleasant for me.

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As reported,  extra-ordinary and plenipotentiary  ambassador of the Republic of India to Azerbaijan  Sanjay Rana  was in   Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  from March 5 till 8. In the frame of visit  diplomat got acquainted with education, culture, health and production institutions of autonomous republic and had some meetings. On the last day of his visit Indian ambassador visited Ordubad region History- Ethnography Museum , looked at the kehriz  located in “Sarshahar” street. Ambassador Sanjay Rana who departed from Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with good impressions  shared his impressions related to visit with “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper:

- First of all we would like to know the aim of your visit to Nakhchivan.

- The purpose of my visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  was to get acquainted with the region closely and this acquaintance  made a good impression on me. While I was here we visited education, culture, health institutions  and museums. I had some  high-level meetings in autonomous republic, we exchanged some ideas about future development perspectives of our collaboration. These meetings were very interesting , new ideas appeared for the relations between India and Azerbaijan, as well as, Nakhchivan. I think that the very novel ideas will play a significant role  in our further collaborations as well.  

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The participants of international  scientific  symposium  titled “ Central Aras Basin against history and culture background” held  in Nakhchivan city  on 17-18 November who came from  the capital Baku city  and the Republic of Turkey  got acquainted with places of interest and sightseeing  of  Ordubad region  on November  19.

The visitors, firstly, came to Kotam village  of Ordubad region. Turkish and Azeri historians  explained the name of  Kotam village  located on the bank of  the Aras river  as a dwelling area  situated between mountains according to ancient  Turkish toponyms. While giving information about Kotam village, it was reported that this dwelling was one of the  housing areas where the first village center was established. Kotam is divided into  two parts: ancient Kotam, new Kotam. The area which is called “Ancient Kotam” (here is also called old Kotam) was situated considerably far from the Aras river. The inhabitants had gone down and made lodgings relatively in larger areas since 1956. Staff consisting of Azeri and Turkish historians got acquainted with  Ordubad city. It was reported that  this city locating 850 meters above the sea level always drew the travelers’ attention with its abundant watered springs, fertile and fruitful orchards and kind people.

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