The ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary   of the USA to Azerbaijan, Robert Secuta gave a specific interview to “Sharg Qapisi”  newspaper. We  introduce the same interview to our readers:

- You got acquainted with nature landscapes of  autonomous republic. How do you evaluate the development perspectives of ecotourism  in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic?

- Firstly, I would like to  note that I am very pleased with my visit to Nakhchchivan Autonomous Republic. My wife lady Ann and I appreciate the chance of getting acquainted with historical places , as well as, with the fascinating nature of Nakhchivan. Along  the way to Shahbuz State Nature Reservation   we watched around. We met very marvelous and irreplaceable nature landscapes. The area of Shahbuz State Reservation charmed us and we were sure that this place had great tourism potentiality. Preservation of  Batabat plateau  creates a substantial background in the development of tourism in the future. There are ample opportunities to develop ecotourism here. I ,especially, would like to note that acquaintance with Shahbuz State Reservation makes good impressions on people. Detailed information was given about state reservation.

I am grateful for this. Sailing isle in the area of  the reservation , Zorbulag and surrounding nature landscapes are distinguished with their  gravity and beauty and arouses humans’ interest. I think that nature landscapes of  Nakhchivan  is an important part of Azerbaijan distinguishing with beauty. Autonomous republic is rich in charming nature landscapes. In the USA we completely guess that human and nature are bound to each other with indestructible ties and this binding is very important and significant. Because of this, the protection of  the nature and environment  is of  great significance. Its protection means the protection of our universal home- the Earth. Because the nature does not have any border while the states do. And it is a reality that  no government alone can protect  the environment. This matter demands  solidarity and unity. The preservation of the nature  requires joint efforts  for the sake of close collaboration and mutual understanding  between government representatives and society,  reaching general aims. Only in this form, the protection of the nature can successfully be carried out. It is a very nice case that we observed this in Nakhchivan.

- You got acquainted with  culture institutions of autonomous republic, as well as, with the products made in Nakhchivan.  Your thoughts about this would be interesting for our readers. We carefully listened to the information about the monuments reflecting  the ancient history of Autonomous Republic, as well as, exponents demonstrated  in the museums. We were informed that American researchers, archeologists  participated  in certain scientific researches and archeological diggings fulfilled in Nakhchivan. We are adherent to continue mutual partnership in this field. We got acquainted with    products  of high quality made in Nakhchivan Business Center in autonomous republic. The increase of the production in restored and newly-established institutions in Nakhchivan , work done in the direction of alteration  of importation on account of local production  are worth high values. Especially, in a period when the oil prices are low in world markets, the development of non-oil sector is essential. Establishment of new institutions in autonomous republic is  significant from this point of view. We are interested in diversification of  economy with Azerbaijan, as well as, with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic , in the fields of the development of  agriculture  and  mutual  practice  exchange  in the field of education. Today tens of  Azeris  studied in the USA  by taking advantage of education exchange programs. We can not be satisfied with this. We want to increase the number of people  both coming from Azerbaijan to the USA and from the USA to Azerbaijan,  to develop tourism. I am very pleased to visit Nakhchivan. I hope I would visit autonomous republic one more time.

                                                                                       Author: Rauf Aliyev

                                                                               Translator: Javid Babayev