As we informed, on September 7-9, the ambassadors  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Latvia and Lithuania  to Azerbaijan were acquainted with places of interests, as well as, education, culture, health and  production institutions of autonomous republic in the frame of visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Both diplomats shared the impressions about Nakhchivan with “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper.

  The ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Latvia   to Azerbaijan  Yuris Maklakovs:

- I already work in Azerbaijan as an ambassador more than one year. I have been to many regions of Azerbaijan including  capital Baku  for this term. But this is my first visit to Nakhchivan. The major purpose of our visit was to get acquainted with Nakhchivan. I can say that we  could get  rich impressions about this region. Both the ancient history  and  modern progress of  Nakhchivan enchanted me. We visited museums when we were here and we  also visited  the places where the historical monuments  existed. We saw that Nakhchivan had very rich cultural legacy. For example: We were acquainted with the carpets which is even now a part of ancient culture of  Nakhchivan. We were given detailed information about it in carpet museum. We have learnt that the tradition to weave carpets is still continued. On the other hand, we noticed the creation  suitable conditions  for business progress in Nakhchivan. We visited some production enterprises located in the city. It is preferable to establish such enterprises  being based on local raw material. We again witnessed that  rich raw material sources of Nakhchivan were taken as a main destination in the development of industry here. Simultaneously, universal development of agriculture in autonomous republic also became noticeable for us. We watched the exhibition consisting of  local industrial and agricultural products. We think about exporting  these  distinguished products of  high  quality  to  Latvian market in the future. We had a chance to talk about it  in our meeting with economy minister of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. I hope we would succeed in  building collaboration between  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Latvia

The ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Lithuania   to Azerbaijan  Valdas Lastauskas:

-I agree to mister Maklakov’s ideas. Our two day visit to Nakhchivan was very interesting. However, there was  very little time to know Nakhchivan. The impressions that I got from Nakhchivan will stay in my mind for a long time. We saw the development of all fields here. For example; We witnessed the establishment of  modern infrastructure when we got acquainted with high schools here. It is felt that Azerbaijan government  shows a serious interest to the development of education. This is a very important matter. I consider that building up close partnership between these high education schools and Lithuanian universities will give positive results. Besides, I would like to note that business conditions created  here play an important role in  economic growth of Nakhchivan. Within two days, we were at production enterprises of Nakhchivan. Acquaintance  with the center where the local products are demonstrated  made good impressions on us. I am aware that very delicious agricultural products are grown in Nakhchivan. The climate condition of autonomous republic  allows these products to be grown consistently , to increase the amount of  output. What I liked most here was the cleanness of  Nakhchivan and its nature. It is felt that the people are able to preserve this cleanness. And the nature of autonomous republic is distinguished with its appropriateness. We were in Batabat plateau and Agbulag village. Necessary conditions for the development of tourism have been offered here. Taking generally, Nakhchivan has very great tourism potentiality. Here we held meetings with officials, emphasized the importance of  mutual partnership  in different fields. I think that both countries have good opportunities to know each other more closely, to build up the mutual relations in all fields and we must evaluate this.          

                                                                        Author: Sabuhi Hasanov

                                                                        Translator :  Javid Babayev