The advocate of temporary affairs of the agency of Portugal in Azerbaijan gave an interview to “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper. The guest who visited autonomous republic for the first time , appreciated the development of the region and she had good impressions about what she had seen in Nakhchivan. Speaking firstly about the aim of her visit,  Maria Joao Lopez  Cardoso  said: I am going to visit a number of regions of Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan is in the first order among those regions according to the historical significance. I held some important meetings during my visit to autonomous republic. I got information about the achievements in the fields of  health, information technologies, energy, melioration and we discussed about mutual partnership possibilities in these fields. Hereinafter, I will recommend either statesmen or artists or business representatives  from Portugal  to visit Nakhchivan, too when they come to Baku. As after my this visit, I am sure that they will get reliable partners and friends here. As you know, Portugal has also autonomous regions. Collaboration may be built between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the same regions. The meetings between them in the future may determine the destination of these relations. I would like to emphasize tourism  among these  fields. Since Portugal has great experience in the field of tourism. Though Portugal has 10 million population, 17 million tourists came to our country in 2015. This is a significant number. That is why, I believe that the development of tourism field between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and autonomous regions of Portugal  will pledge good perspectives.

    I was in Nakhchivangala and in Momina Khatun shrine and  anciency and beauty of the monuments , preservation till today charmed me. I likened Momina Khatun shrine to Taj-Mahal  temple in India. The similarity between them is that both monuments were constructed by historical persons who had great love and respect for their wives. Nakhchivangala also drew my attention.  We hold cultural events in such monuments in Portugal. I have learnt that different cultural measures, as well as, festivals are held  in Nakhchivangala. This is a very positive case. I was in Business Center located in Nakhchivan city, too. Acquaintance with the center was very interesting. Here  I was acquainted with the sorts of products made in autonomous republic. I got detailed information about  export potentiality. I have  learnt that autonomous republic  nowadays provides itself  with food products, as well as, with other products. I met an interesting situation for me. I have learnt one more thing that Sirab mineral water distinguishing with it quality, usefulness and taste is produced in Nakhchivan. I , especially,  want to emphasize that I use Sirab mineral water from the day I started to work in Baku and I approved of it very much. The acquaintance with Duzdag Physiotherapy Center was also interesting. Walking inside the  hospital  situated  in underground  tunnel  I  felt that the weather here was good. I suffer from asthma  disease. And I breathed in Duzdag and felt better. I think to be treated here in the future. I was met in Nakhchivan with a special hospitality. I express my deep gratitude for this. I loved Nakhchivan very much. Hereinafter, I wish to come to Nakhchivan, too. But not alone, I hope to come together with the visitors from Portugal  this time. I believe that  hereinafter our relations will extend  and our collaboration will strengthen.

                                                                                  Author: Rauf Aliyev

                                                                                Translator: Javid Babayev