The delegation led by the chairman of  Supreme Court of  the  Republic of Turkey, Ismail Rushtu Jirit , was acquainted with historical-architectural monuments, museums,  places of interest  during the visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  on  April 20.

    The chairman of the  Supreme Court of  the Republic of Turkey, who shared his impressions with us about the visit, said that  Nakhchivan is a marvelous  land  possessing  ancient history, modern infrastructure and fascinating nature beauty. People are fascinated by specific  climate of autonomous republic, fresh weather and water, cultural  monuments  having  ancient history, contemporary appearance of Nakhchivan city covered in verdure. According to his words, medicinal salt mines  of  Duzdag are special among the natural resources, which spread the fame of  Nakhchivan all over the world. This institution having no analogue in the region draws the attention as a treatment centre for  the patients who suffer from upper respiratory organs.

    Ismail Rushtu Jirit,  visiting the  Haydar Aliyev Museum  located in Nakhchivan city, stated that he looked at the  genius  person’s  photographs, great leader’s belongings and some other  valuable exponents  with great interest. He looked through the  books dealing with national leader’s  social activities. Herewith, official documents and materials, letters  concerning the period when the rescuer of Azerbaijan  worked as a chairman of  Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  within 1991-1993,  drew his attention.

   The visitor noted that  he was in  “Khan Palace”, in the State Historical-Architectural Momine Khatun  temple and in the museum complex  in the open air, “Nakhchivanqala(castle)” Historical-Architectural  Museum Complex. Besides, he visited  Noah prophet’s tomb  and “ Ashabi-Cave Sanctuary”  Religious-cultural monumental complex. He said: “ Nakhchivan land is rich in marvelous culture, religious-architectural and miraculous sepulcher  towers. The existence of ayes related to Ashabi-cave in holy “The Koran-Karim” is obvious to everybody. The scientists here  emphasized that  the very place  mentioned in the Koran, indeed, is strongly  supposed  to be Ashabi-cave. I want to say that there exist spiritual atmosphere bestowing comfort to human soul and very fascinating natural  landscape  in Ashabi-cave sanctuary. I am very pleased to visit Nakhchivan. Because, once my grandfathers also moved to Anatolia from Nakhchivan. In this respect, Nakhchivan is my father land. I was delighted to see my father land so beautiful and marvelous”.

The chairman of the Supreme Court  of  the  Republic of Turkey, emphasizing the considerable progress of autonomous republic economically, said : “ In Nakhchivan  business centre,  we saw the demonstration of  multiple industrial and agricultural products made in autonomous republic. We were informed that, at present, the output of  86 enterprises in 300 kinds and in 1000 sorts are being demonstrated here. This is a very positive case. It is of great importance  for Nakhchivan to provide itself  with  food and other products. As autonomous republic  lives under blockade conditions today.

                                                                           Author:  Rauf Aliyev

                                                                           Translator : Javid Babayev