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 The  ambassador   extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Romania to Azerbaijan , Daniel Christian Chiobanu  visited  Nakhchivan. On the last day of his visit, ambassador  met local owners in  business  centre and exchanged ideas about  the development of commercial and business relations between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and Romania.

   Detailed information  about  the monument was given to Daniel Christian Chobanu , who visited to “Alinjaqala” historical monument. He was informed that the monument is being restored  according to the decree with the date 11 February, 2014, “About the restoration of  historical monument  of “Alinjagala” in Jolfa” issued  by the chairman of  Supreme Court of  Nakhchivan  Autonomous Republic. While restoration, a suitable place was chosen at the foot of Alinja  mountain  and   a building for  “Alinjagala”  Historical-Cultural Museum was constructed. The building consists of  studies and exposition hall. In exposition hall, windows were  set up for the demonstration of the  pecuniary-cultural  samples reflecting the lifestyle of the people who settled in Alinjagala, specially ancient everyday stuffs, money and coins, books, journal and newspaper materials. And this will allow the visitors to get detailed information about castle inhabitants’ lives  and heroism history.

     Sharing his visit impressions with us, the  ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Romania to Azerbaijan said that it was  the third time he had visited Nakhchivan:  “ To say much sincerely, I lively witness the rapid progress of all regions of autonomous republic, how it changes, becomes beautiful with reconstructions in modern level. I congratulate all Nakhchivan-born people for extraordinary economic upsurge  which  they have obtained. Today autonomous republic has developed noticeably”

     The ambassador noted that together with  the creations with human toil, natural miracles also attract the attention: “ I was acquainted with the historical monuments and touristic places of autonomous republic during my visit. Here the care taken to historical monuments is in a high level. Big labor has been wasted for preservation and restoration of those monuments. Modernism was achieved by preserving antiquity in Nakhchivan. Simultaneously, Nakhchivan has fascinating nature, wonderful touristic objects  and  infrastructure built in the highest level. And this increases the charm of  Nakhchivan as a touristic place”

     Diplomat speaking about his aim of visit said: “ One of my major goals of my visit is to discuss the affairs about the promotion of the relations between Romania and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of  Azerbaijan. Within the frame of visit, we held very useful meetings and mutual discussions. At the same time, we had significant meetings with the owners from Nakhchivan. Our general thought is that we can achieve the trade relations, the increase of mutual investment and develop our collaboration more by means of  business forums  to be held. In this sense, the organizations  of  Nakhchivan-born businessmen’s  visits  to  Romania and Romanian businessmen’s visits to Nakhchivan may give positive results” Daniel Christian Chiobanu, who held meetings in High Educational schools  expressed his satisfaction about it: “You know that Romanian embassy is also mediator of   NATO in Azerbaijan. The relations of  Azerbaijan with  NATO surged to strategic collaboration level. There exists very good dialogue environment. I mentioned these matters when I was making a report about the topic “Azerbaijan- NATO relations”  in Nakhchivan State University and Nakhchivan University. Our event occurred in a very nice condition in both universities. The students were very active. In general, students from Nakhchivan were very informed, witty and educated.

      In a conclusion, the ambassador , wanting to express his sincere thoughts,  said: “ Nakhchivan is a land which possesses rich history, beautiful nature, high economic development. However, together with all these, I would like to say frankly that the biggest wealth of Nakhchivan is its people. The people in Nakhchivan are hospitable, kind, affable and diligent. With all these features you bear resemblance to Romanians a lot. I think we have got a lot of denominators”

    The  ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary  of  Romania to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Daniel Christian Chiobanu’s visit ended on April 13.

                                                                                   Author: Rauf Aliyev

                                                                                  Translator: Javid Babayev


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