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Extraordinary and plenipotentiary  ambassador of  Korea to Azerbaijan, Kim Chanq Que  paid a visit to Nakhchivan on May 2. Speaking to the correspondent of “Sherq Qapisi” about his  aim and impressions , ambassador Kim  Chanq Que said: “The aim of my goal is to get acquainted with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and to discuss about the discussions  of progress destinations of  collaboration relationships. Development perspectives of our relations are particularly very high in the field of culture. Our mutual collaboration possibilities are  very ample. As our people have the same cultural roots”  The ambassador  noted that  in Nakhchivan Business Centre  he got acquainted with the outputs produced in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic: “Being in Nakhchivan Business Centre  the things I saw and the information I was given made me come to such a conclusion that  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with its  products meets the local needs completely. The people of Nakhchivan live  in  luxury  and happily. This is because autonomous republic  passed through a great deal of progress. Nakhchivan city with historic city culture  also  attracted  my  attention with its modern view. Nakhchivan people’s resolution  to protect their lands from the enemy deserves to be appreciated”

 Appreciating  the studies of  a number of  Korean students in Higher Educational schools of  Nakhchivan, Kim Chanq Que said: “I think we have opportunities to extend our collaboration relations more  and we have to work more for this. Hereinafter I will increase my efforts  to extend  our  collaboration more”

Emphasizing his visit to historic places and  historic monuments , the ambassador said that being in “Khan Palace”, “State Historical-Architectural Momine Khatun shrine  and  Museum Complex in the open air” , stone rams drew his attention: “It is interesting that there are similar stone rams on the  ancient graves in Korea, too. These suggest that our peoples  have  the common  background. I wish we would  develop together and live in the terms of peace being the peoples including in Altay language group and  sharing the same cultural heritage”  The ambassador said , stating that he  had observed high patriotism feelings in Autonomous Republic: “Here I witnesses that the people of Nakhchivan are  proud of  their lands and  home country, specially feel the sense of pride  for Haydar Aliyev’s birth  and  growing up in Nakhchivan. It shows that  people are  bound to their homeland and national leader.

                                                                                  Author:  Rauf Aliyev

                                                                                  Translator: Javid Babayev


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