18 Noyabr 2018, Bazar


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The chairman of the parliament of Okinawa prefecture of Japan, Kina Masharun together with the delegation he led, visited Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The chairman of parliament of Okinawa prefecture of Japan, Kina Masharun noted in his interview to the newspaper “Sharg Gapisi”: “This is the first time I’ve come to Nakhchivan and I have admired its nature. The cleanness of the streets here, the architecture of the city charmed me. We have a wonderful city called Miyakojima in the Okinawa prefecture of Japan, this city resembles Nakhchivan very much. The main aim of our visit is to build fraternity relationships between these cities. Simultaneously, I’d like to let you know that we have come here with a delegation of 40 people. There are also the members of parliament and local businessmen among our staff. During the time we were here we witnessed that production enterprises meeting the present-day requirements ran well in Nakhchivan. It rejoiced us a lot. We believe that the information we got related to Nakhchivan, the things we saw here, will play a great role in the next stages of our collaboration”

The director of World Investors TV, Ishida Kazuyasu said: “I love Azerbaijan and I have labeled the flag of Azerbaijan on the backside of smart phone that I use. And I am proud of it. I speak about Azerbaijan wherever I visit. Hereinafter Nakhchivan included in my speech, too. I can’t stop staring at the ancient monuments and things preserved in this city. As a director of World Investors TV, I will speak about it in my programs, I will introduce reportages. I felt as if I was Nakhchivan-born in this city”.

Japanese businessman, Kenichi Kobayashi said: “I have a tourism company. I have been to many countries. But I haven’t seen the landscapes like in Nakhchivan. I approved much of its high mountains, areas with a lot of verdure, the people’s kindness and sincerity. Here’s a natural touristic region. In the following months, I will come to this region again with my friends as a tourist”.

Japanese owner, Sohey Kamiya emphasized: “I am 38 years old. I am busy with politics. I have been to many countries. But I have noticed people’s warm relationship living here that I haven’t met anywhere as if I am in my native city. The next year I will come to Nakhchivan with my friends. Do believe that I don’t want to part with the fresh weather of this city.

Japanese businessman, Takako noted: “I have been busy with information technologies for many years. During the meeting it was told that because of the high speed of Internet channel in Nakhchivan, all locations use wide-zone wireless internet. It means that the people living in the suburbs don’t stay uninformed. This is a good case. Duzdag spelled me. Your meals are very delicious and tasty”.

 The  ambassador   extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Romania to Azerbaijan , Daniel Christian Chiobanu  visited  Nakhchivan. On the last day of his visit, ambassador  met local owners in  business  centre and exchanged ideas about  the development of commercial and business relations between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and Romania.

   Detailed information  about  the monument was given to Daniel Christian Chobanu , who visited to “Alinjaqala” historical monument. He was informed that the monument is being restored  according to the decree with the date 11 February, 2014, “About the restoration of  historical monument  of “Alinjagala” in Jolfa” issued  by the chairman of  Supreme Court of  Nakhchivan  Autonomous Republic. While restoration, a suitable place was chosen at the foot of Alinja  mountain  and   a building for  “Alinjagala”  Historical-Cultural Museum was constructed. The building consists of  studies and exposition hall. In exposition hall, windows were  set up for the demonstration of the  pecuniary-cultural  samples reflecting the lifestyle of the people who settled in Alinjagala, specially ancient everyday stuffs, money and coins, books, journal and newspaper materials. And this will allow the visitors to get detailed information about castle inhabitants’ lives  and heroism history.

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