25 May 2020, Bazar ertəsi

The development of modern tourism is closely connected with the  opportunities of tourism and excursion routes organized in certain directions  for tourists’ interesting travels. The experience shows that this work is the most essential and last stage. So if  road, hotel  and other important   infrastructural matters have been solved for tourism, hereinafter, the  agenda is to create, namely, involving tourism routes for massive tourism in the region. And in this decisive stage we have sufficient resources. In this respect, working on tourism routes, we see how valuable natural resources Nakhchivan has got. That is why this is the need of the day to explore our touristic resources profoundly and to create service packages on the basis of them.

    There are considerable amount of tourism routes to draw both local and foreign  tourists’ attention in Nakhchivan all year round. Today in autonomous republic, Nakhchivan  city as a  central point, tourism routes in the directions of  Nakhchivan-Batabat, Nakhchivan-Agbulag, Nakhchivan-Ordubad-Gamigaya, Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Cave, Nakhchivan –Alinjagala, Nakhchivan-Garabaglar are considerable. However, it is also possible to increase the number of  these routes, to introduce the tickets to the tourists which are sold in these directions. To  make our autonomous republic famous among the world tourism centres,   more and colorful  services will be organized. Our land will be attractive  for exacting, at the same time,  generous tourists who are supposed to come from any nook of the world.

     There are  many local and foreign tourists travelling to Nakhchivan during the year. Now autonomous republic left behind  some countries of the region for its touristic attraction and image. Tourists  can come to this land  from all places of the world, from Baku, Istanbul, Moscow and Ganja cities   by means of airport, as well as, from neighboring countries  through 24 hour duty free  customs-passage stations. Stability and safe life conditions created in Nakhchivan  allow the tourists to feel comfortable here. Tourists coming to Nakhchivan visit here mainly  with the aim of  treatment and pilgrimage, entertainment and hiking, business meetings and acquaintance. Country and social origin of coming tourists  are wide from  state leaders to ordinary citizens.

   Tourists’ needs are  completely  different from local people’s. In many cases the landscapes that we find usual along the tourism routes have extra-ordinary gravitation power  which  leaves deep impressions on tourists. There are not hundreds of  such resources , but thousands. Pre-evaluation  of the needs which is based on these resources and performed  service usage  comprises the main essence of  the business plans prepared by owners who are busy with  tourism service activity. Every small detail here  is of special significance. For example, while planning tourism routes, minute but important affairs as professional photo service for pilgrims visiting Ashabi-Cave, or hiring luxury mini-bus  for  tourists who will visit Ordubad or Garabaglar,  must be in the center of attention. Our tourism routes are very rich. It is possible to introduce many objects  of  interests  to tourists moving in the direction of  Alinja-Lakadag for days. Specially on such spring days of the year, some of us pay short-term visits to these areas at weekends. When it is a presentation  offered  to the tourists accommodated in one of the hotels in Nakhchivan , it is not enough to speak about visible natural and human handwork beauties. Our eyes  may find it usual as local inhabitants. However, it has been several times  we witnessed that  foreign visitors  were fascinated  who not only visited here for the first time, but also for the  second and third times. Indeed, a whole history lives here including  Noah prophet, Dada Qorgud, and even contemporary heroism. Hachadag’s little brother, the past of magnificent Alinja is amazing impression source  for the people who came to see it today and also in any season of the year and the time does not stop. Eternal inhabitants of ancient Azerbaijan land have built permanently developing and innovating life. That is, social conditions of  Nakhchivan villages  densely located along this route, people’s life style, luxurious houses and bungalows  and how they were built are separately the objects of presentation.

    As  historical recognition power of  Nakhchivan-Alinja route, Nakhchivan-Batabat route  has a miracle originating from natural beauty. What is not there on this route?  Beginning from Nakhchivan city , first inn known as historic Farhad house. For nature fans every stone, every rock has its interesting history. For example, while reaching Haydar Aliyev water reserve, presentation of  noticeable Salvarti mountain or Shahbuz castle  begins. Before reaching Shahbuz city, sublime  Flag Square  increases the impressions about this beautiful place  many times. Tourists going along Batabat route will get acquainted with reconstructions of Shahbuz city. Let our tourists see, climbing up the mountains,  with their own eyes how Shahbuz-born people are happy for living in this fascinating  land. Our tourism route is a big topic. As the innumerable secrets of  the history of Nakhchivan, perspective opportunities of  our tourism routes are also extensive. These are both research topic and new economic projects. We are sure that at present, together with strongly needed routes, Nakhchivan-Nehram, Nakhchivan-Ganligol, Nakhchivan-Oglanqala, Nakhchivan-Nahajir directions  will also become a real routes loved by tourists. Every educated citizen, every Nakhchivan-born person’s activity  is required in connection with the usage of tourism routes. We are aware that the advantages of tourism  are very many. So that, to take advantage of it, it is required to evaluate every inch of native Nakhchivan as tourism resources and  maximum usage of  created conditions.

   Respected readers ! In our “Tourism routes” themed writings that we will introduce  to you during the year, we will separately inform you about  tourism routes of Nakhchivan. We believe that  services over  tourism routes, historical and cultural monuments, nature beauties, legends roaming in the areas where those tourism routes pass through, information  about stories will be interesting for our readers.

                                                                   Authors:  Ali Jabbarov, Ali  Khudiyev

                                                                   Translator : Javid Babayev


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