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During the excursions the presented information forms the main impressions  in tourists’ memories. From this standpoint, while organizing the excursions  good knowledge and professionalism are required about the objects and data regarded necessary to introduce  to the  tourists. Tourism fascination of modern Nakhchivan is considerably high. Together with preservation of   historicity of our land, with its junction with modernity, the number of foreign tourists is increasing who  pay visit  to our  autonomous republic.

In the past times crucial decisions accepted in the directions of  establishment of tourism infrastructure in our autonomous republic  and the development of tourism are now  giving their fruits. We are now meeting  a lot of  foreign tourists in the restaurants, bazaars and markets and witnessing  the increasing efficiency in our hotels every day. The tourists who come to our region go for a walk with the purpose of seeing the places of interests and getting acquainted with  the life style, occupation and culture  of  Nakhchivan-born  people  and special city excursions are organized for them. That is why all extra service and information presented to the tourists whose main aims in traveling are acquaintance  are the main factors which make the impressions much deeper.

   The tourists who come to our autonomous republic immediately see how Azerbaijan has strong economics. It is not a secret that foreign tourists  know that our country is rich in oil.  Despite the existence of the  countries in the world which are rich in oil as Azerbaijan, oil income here is in a very minute level about spending sums for the people’s  general social welfare, reconstruction and the establishment of modern infrastructure. From this point of view, tourists’ visits to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  are  an excellent chance to break the ideas related to only being an  oil  country. Tourism is a type of activity created and developing on the real requirements and demanding taking the realities into consideration  while working with tourists  for this. For example, while presenting  the Momine Khatun shrine to the tourists who come from  Middle Asia, they may say that there are not only one, but tens of shrines like that in their own cities. If we tell the guests the most ancient among those monuments belongs to XIV century, it means to Teymurlang period and the erection of the so-called monument  2 centuries before , it would shock the most indifferent tourist. It means the tourists must absolutely know that Nakhchivan is the centre of  Eastern  Architecture  School. Or someone from the servants of the hotel or restaurants may be inattentive to the tourists. It is true that majority of the tourists who travels a lot does not react  acutely in such small cases. However, the tourists who come to Nakhchivan must know that they may rely on any person from the personnel’s  in all matters serving in this service sector. Because the accuracy of the inhabitants of this land is one of the human qualities. Very interesting acquaintances are waiting for  the visitors who come to  Nakhchivan city. At present, according to the needs of the tourists who want to see the city closely, various, short and several hour picnics are organized. So that beginning from this year, city tours are offered to the tourists twice a day with the purpose of  getting acquainted with the places of interest of Nakhchivan city. Taking the tourists’ circles of interest and spare time into consideration, while planning such tours for them it is possible to compile the number of  educational, cultural, teaching, production, service and entertainment institutions here  in accordance.  No doubt,  any high civilized guest shows great interest to the fact that  Nakhchivan is National leader Heydar  Aliyev’s motherland. In different times  during our talks to foreign tourists visited to our city, together with the place of Nakhchivan in  the history of Azerbaijan  and in the culture of our people , it also had  a great role in gaining our independence and we saw how attentively it was listened by visitors. That is, in the excursion  program of the tourists who want to get acquainted with Nakhchivan city, presentation with Heydar Aliyev Museum is of great significance. On the first day of presentation with Nakhchivan city, after visiting Heydar Aliyev Museum  excursion may be continued  by viewing “Koroglu” monument situated in south-eastern part of the city and “Nakhchivangala” Historical Architectural Museum Complex. Absolutely, there is considerable amount of  samples of material-culture in this complex to speak about the binding of the Nakhchivan toponym with Noah prophet and ancient city culture here. Nakhchivangala is located at the entrance to the centre of the city from the south-eastern direction. To tell the truth, though no title has been written in international language on the way leading to this complex, while entering the castle,  historical traces here say everything themselves to the tourists. In general, not only in our city but also in all parts of our autonomous republic , on the ways leading to housing areas, specially to the objects of  tourism significance,   the absence of place names written in international language  to meet the tourists’ necessary information  needs  must make responsible organizations think properly.

Excursion  and  professional  presentation  well-organized to  Nakhchivangala and to  the shrine of Noah prophet  near it make opportunities to spend the time efficiently. If the dinner break is ordered in “Noah yurdu” (the land of Noah) restaurant , it will be  a successful composition from the  point  of view of the organization the excursion. Hereinafter, the  tea table  offered to the tourists in “Buzkhana” (Ice-house) historical-architectural monument, the conditions here will live in visitors’ memories for a long time. The second half of the first day of the tour is the best time for the tourists to get acquainted with Nakhchivan Duzdag. It is possible to give large information about the history of Duzdag and  its treatment significance and possibilities to the tour group approximately till 18:00, till the time when the patients come. During this time break the tourists, who had a good relax in the air of Duzdag full of cool oxygen, will be entertained to tendir cabob in the canteen of “Araz” in Givrag district of Kangarli region towards evening. Thus,  tourists travelling in the background of  landscape of  Agri mountain which is  about 35 km distance away from Duzdag road  will obtain an imagination about  social-economic development of  autonomous republic. The second day of the tour in Nakhchivan city is more meaningful. First of all, the presentation the monument of people’s hero Babek on the horse  erected in the south part of the city must be remarkable. Generally, the squares of Nakchchivan city attract the attention with their  monuments of horsemen. While turning to the city, the presentation with the modern campus of “Nakhchivan” University will strengthen   visitors’ impressions about  how the history and modernity  synthesize. During several hours spent in “Khan Sarayi” ( Khan Palace),in the Complex of State Historical-Architectural  Momine Khatun and Museum in the open air till dinner, the tourists will get a chance to witness the ancient history of Nakhchivan. This magnificent masterpiece created by  prominent representative of  XII century Architecture school of Azerbaijan, Memar Ajami and ram monuments demonstrated in the open air inform about unprecedented  historical wealth  in this region. After dinner ordered in the restaurant around Uzunoba Water Reservoir , the tourists’ acquaintance  with State Flag Square and Museum is an excellent chance for them to get acquainted with the general panorama of the city, as well. As the bazaars stop working in Nakhchivan city in the afternoons, the tourists are offered to do the shopping in big markets in the city-centre or in Jahan AVM. “Badashgan” restaurant would be an excellent choice for our visitors to have supper  which is in the direction of Hachadag from the city. The next day after breakfast,  sacred Ashab-cave pilgrimage  is the final excursion of this tour  for the tourists who relaxed and got enough information about both autonomous republic and Nakhchivan city  during two days. Beginning from Nakhchivan-Jolfa  highway,  it is possible to begin to present the sacred Ashab-cave to the tourists who were informed about the travel in this direction and the Islamic rules beforehand. In the mean, at the end of the way which is only 12 km, the tourists will witness as if they walk on a long road to the infinite , but it is not over yet. And if there are ones who tread this sacred place for the first time among the tourists, this impression won’t be forgotten by them till their next traveling. At the end of the third day, the tourists departing to their own countries  after the farewell meal in the restaurant on the 13rd stage of Tabriz Hotel at dinnertime will plan time to travel other parts of the places of interest of ancient Azerbaijan and  to see once again. It means the presentation tour with our city was successful, we gained good experience for the next tours  in the directions of  Batabat, Alinjagala and Ordubad.

                                                                  Author: Ali Jabbarov

                                                                  Translator: Javid Babayev


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