10 Avqust 2020, Bazar ertəsi

Previous issue  of  the article was on 18 August, 2016

The tourists have unusual ideas who reach the peak of Alinja. In many cases, while interacting with the foreigners , generally, with the tourists who come to Nakhchivan for the first time , such cases are observed. No doubt , the sublimity of  Alinja , footprints of  brave  castle defenders challenging  to the realm of shahs on gigantic raft cliffs are the profound object of interest for everybody. According to historical sources, the number of these defenders were more than six hundred. If there appear mountain eagles flying in the sky of Alinja  while during presentation , it wil be a great photo hunting chance  for the tourists participating in the same excursion.

   During the restoration of Alinjagala in 2014-2015 , the samples of pecuniary and culture found  in its territory, home things  give information about human settlement here formed for a long time. The acquaintance with the structure of the castle begin from the western entry where the tourists enter here. According to historical sources, there are ideas that the castle had 2 or 3 entry doors. According to historical sources, though the eastern entry of the castle located at the side of Khanagah village is one of the main entry ways, the walls of defense made along the western slope , their post-restoration view will arise great interests in tourists. The tourists who enter the central part of the castle will feel like they are in an Eastern city.

Especially, it looks more magnificent during the illumination of the castle at night. In this part which occupies the biggest  territory  of the castle, living buildings dwelled by ancient castle inhabitants  will cause to tourists’ great interest. Thus, despite its smallness, existing places in the central part of the castle were used for the people to live efficiently at a maximum degree. During the excursion, the tourists are , specially, introduced the places used as a dwellings, revealed tendirs here, mortars, hand-querns as the samples of pecuniary and culture. One room flats used as dwellings are essential objects of interest showing life style and high culture of our people a thousand year ago. The tourists must know that  though  the people protected here lived in very hard conditions, they did not come out of general culture. Another interesting and important part of Alinjagala  is the internal castle which is called “Shahtakhti” (Shah throne) among the local people. It is located 1700 m. above the sea level  and one crosses through abrupt  cliffs to go there. That is, to climb up here is an excellent chance for extreme  walking  amateurs. The tourists who want to climb up Shahtakhti  must know that  residents of the shahs who used to rule the castle are namely located here. There  are small rooms and basins  coordinated with one another  with  a narrow passage  among very interesting places which the tourists want to see.  One of these basins is the biggest basin in Alinjagala for its size. Heroism of  the people who got famous by protection  in Alinjagala for many years  and their food and water provisions  in harsh rocky conditions creates  great interest in any traveler. Indeed the people living  under  hard  terms, in a real sense of a word, are observed to  work hard and make living. Alinjagala is the best visual sample for it. That is why , quite distinctive imagination emerges about the struggle in tourists’ views who got acquainted with hydro technical mounting in Alinjagala. Water basins built in upper part of the castle in Shahtakhti , as well as, in Alinjagala and the cannels made through the rocks to fill them have great interest on tourists. Unconditionally, it is impossible not to see the great love for motherland while watching the water basins  split by primitive  axes with great patience and hard toil on the hard rocks of Alinjagala and some  canals with length of  200 metres which bring water to the basins. Physical and creative labor wasted during the construction of  these  installations  proves that Nakhchivan-born people have  never been afraid of  any blockade  even  from  ancient times. The tourists watching those hydro technical installations  should know that these are, in fact, the ancient ancestors of  modern derivation type  big  hydro-electric stations  to introduce to them. So during the visit to Alinjagala, the tourists who get acquainted with the water basins and kahrizes  may lively  get acquainted with the secrets of defense  of the castle for a long time period  in certain periods of  history. During tourism organization, the choice of travel routes for tourists’ motives are main nuances. As the main interest is history and culture for the tourists traveling to Alinja, everybody who travels here  will  carefully listen  to the information  about the Azerbaijani people’s  significance in its  national statehood  history . Thus, though historical events  about Alinjagala are widely spread  covering the periods belonging to late XIV century and early XV century, in the most ancient sources construction date of the castle is proved to date back to first centenaries of our era. From this standpoint, the coin belonging to VII century  found in the are of the castle and currently exhibited in the museum here is great object of interest. No doubt, together  with military- strategic  and economic-social significance of Alinja  during the reign of Azerbaijan Atabeiler State , its significance in the reign of Jalarilar, Garaqoyunlu, Sefevids  should be noted. Namely, in this way in the Medieval period, while the role of Alinja is explained in  military-political and economic  processes happened in a wide area from Samarkand to Bagdad, from Istanbul to Tabriz, tourists’ imagination about  Nakhchivan will increase many times, their outlook will deepen. Alinjagala is the national wealth of our people and important treasure of  cultural heritage of the world. This magnificent nature and  human handmade  miracle have been  an object of interest  for centenaries. There were ones who challenged the invaders who threatened the world and there were ones who directed to Alinja as a last shelter, but all these remained in history. Time tells its word. Modern address of Alinja is developing Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Today a new stage in the history of Alinja – the stage of its inclusion in world culture has begun. Historic restoration of the castle arose a new interest in the ones who came to visit it. At this time the ones who climbed up the peak of Alinja are  the foreign tourists  who came from thousands of km. distance , the educated people journalists, students and schoolchildren  of  our country, of our autonomous republic . The only thing  expected from  the visit here is historical nostalgic  feelings. The impression will be detailed. Because Alinjagala and its surroundings are very rich in such wealth.

                                                                                               (to be continued)

                                                                                        Author: Ali Jabbarov

                                                                                  Translator: Javid Babayev


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