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The experiences of the countries which gained high results in tourism field show that tourism is not only self-developing branch on the account of rich natural resources. On the contrary, tourism is a system of sensitive relations which expects a gift from everybody. That is why every touristic-recreation complex or resort must be regarded as a specialized field which demands high profound knowledge, skills and high responsibility in this field.

Nowadays, progress of tourism in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is distinguished for its specification. Though touristic resources were almost out of use existing in Autonomous Republic looking back to about 15-20 years before, there is a condition making great recreation-acquaintance possibilities for the tourists travelling to Nakhchivan at present. If we take into consideration that tourism comprises a harmony with the general development of society, achievements gained in the tourism sector of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within last twenty years draws an attention from this point of view. Even though the flow of tourists both from Autonomous Republic, from abroad, as well as, from other parts of our country and Nakhchivan-born people’s choice in travelling to any touristic resort to spend their holidays amazingly, is considered a usual case, all work done in the previous years suggests that it hasn’t been implemented easily.

 In the past years, the establishment of tourism infrastructure allowing the usage of the potentials of the current tourism resources for the development of the tourism trap (involvement) in Nakhchivan passed through several multi-step and multistage processes.

In autonomous republic, the innovation of social-cultural conditions, traffic-transport infrastructure, the establishment of modern comfortable resort centers, as a whole, even now is demonstrating its significance as the constituent of modern construction and renovation work realized. All these were possible with the attention of our state, paid to regional development and progress of non-oil sector. The number of travelers are increasing, as Nakhchivan is becoming flourishing and beautiful year by year. It is no doubt a good chance to introduce the development of Nakhchivan located at the crossing of the East and the West and the culture of Azerbaijan to the world. This chance did not exist in recent past, vice-versa, during the reign of Soviet power, as a border region foreign tourists’ travels to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were restricted. However, the ones who are familiar to the secrets of tourism may confirm that Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is one of the rare regions which pledges both recreation and moral richness impressions with all its touristic potentials in general. Because while the miracles of nature here supplementing each other as if it accords with the law of harmony, cultural resources with deep context forms a perfection with national hospitality elements. At present, security, one of the essential conditions of up-to-date tourism in Nakhchivan and convenient traveling conditions are being provided in the highest level. It is necessary to note that the last factor is now one of the matters which makes all the tourists think more about the places they travel. And the tourists traveling to Nakhchivan are sure that they will face complete tranquility, smiling hotel personnel, a calm city with rules and laws, exemplary taxi and fair trade services. Unique conditions – comfortable roads made in modern Nakhchivan villages, contemporary infrastructural objects, before all, create suitable opportunities for the agricultural tourism here. Support given to private sector in our Autonomous Republic opens new possibilities to the local people’s participation in service sector and for the development of new fields here. From this point of view, Agbulag resort center in Shabuz region must be noted especially. This center has been limited not only with recreation services here, but also it has become a center of social projects realized in Autonomous Republic. The center is of great importance for the schoolchildren’s ecological upbringing who spend their spare time efficiently in different seasons of the year and for the meeting of the important needs of various population groups. Generally, the mountainous relief with wide panorama of Shahbuz, Ordubad and Jolfa, freshness of atmosphere, carefully-protected biodiversity open great possibilities for various types of eco-tourism here.

Tourism is a strong stimulus which makes progress in peace and stability, causing to development of a number of branches of economics, as well as, representing the country. This function of tourism, first of all, consists of gifts which it bestowed to the country, to the economy of the region and to the humanitarian progress of society. In other words, tourists traveling to us are simultaneously good-willed messengers who import information about our country. From this standpoint, current introducing of our own culture also constitutes the strategy of tourism. Today Nakhchivan became a center which state leaders hold summit rallies and Nakhchivan was declared the capital of Islamic Culture for 2018. Now there is a need of bringing tourists from richer countries to our Republic and the usage of the types of tourism whose social power is much heavier. From this point of view, treatment tourism created in Nakhchivan Duzdag with its recreation and remedy significance is a rare place in this geography. Together with the citizens of Azerbaijan who get free treatment here, creation of conditions for the children from Georgia beginning from 2012 is an apt sample for international tourism. As our country develops and its economic opportunities increase, the chances of implementation of such projects extend which fix its image in international arena. And this is, first of all, related to the quality of the work realized in tourism and other social-cultural fields. This quality factor which shows itself in different fields with the progress of society, as well as, in tourism-recreation resorts is impossible without cadre maintenance of the field. Experiences suggest that qualified cadre preparation in tourism sector is more actual from this standpoint. Because exclusive services to the people concomitant tourism state regulations, carrying out professional hospitality conditions which are strict demands in the world are, namely, the work of ones who are specialists in this sector. For this reason, the attention drawn to the preparation of high-educated cadres for the specialty of tourism and hotel-keeping in Nakhchivan gave its yield during the last decade. All these make a reliable background for entrusting the tourism industry in Nakhchivan in the future, completely to the professionals. Now unlike twenty years before, it is possible to speak of the cadres who are able to meet the tourists professionally arrived in Nakhchivan and see them off with rich impressions.

 The tourists accommodated in convenient hotels in the territory of Autonomous Republic are offered high level services. At present, there are more than 20 hotels with various capacities in autonomous republic. It is possible for guests to sleep comfortably, to hold business meetings, to taste delicious national foods cooked in our restaurants, in these hotels which can host more than 1500 people. The tourists who stayed in Duzdag, Tabriz, Grand, Autovagzal hotels are satisfied with the services and hospitality here.

So, after a short period, very suitable chances emerged in front of us for introduction and canvassing Nakhchivan by means of tourism which put deep traces in world culture. Now 400 thousand tourists traveling to Nakhchivan every year, coming here, witness the successful synthesis of the past with modernity and shares the hearty impressions about it with their friends and acquaintances after departing from our ancient country. 

Author : Ali Jabbarov

Translator: Javid Babayev


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