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Tourism as a phenomenal event  takes an important part in the modern world economy. It is particularly important, according to the economic profitability and its role in intercultural dialogue. Development of tourism, an indicator of economic and cultural progress of society and the human relations and tolerance among people, is also supported  in our country and in its integral part -Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well.

Rich tourism resources of  Nakhchivan such as ancient history and modern development, colorful natural diversity and unique therapeutic recreation places, treatment salt caves, human-created modern social-cultural and tourism infrastructure have created favorable conditions for the development of  many types of tourism. Every year  approximately  400 thousands tourists,  traveling to autonomous republic,  leave Nakhchivan with  high impressions. Recently during the official visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Turkey, the president of the fraternal  country said nice words about the tourism potential of Nakhchivan and invited citizens of Turkey to travel to  autonomous republic. Indeed, there are ample opportunities  for many types of tourism in autonomous republic, which  can leave profound impression on the guests visiting our region .

  Tourists who travel to Nakhchivancurrently  face with  condition which presents wide opportunities  for  recreation and acquaintance with the city. If to take into consideration the fact that tourism is compatible with the general development of society, the achievements gained in tourism sector in  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  are remarkable. Now all conditions were created in autonomous republic for  tourists arriving from abroad and  other parts of the country. Foreign tourists coming to Nakhchivan are, at the same time, peace-loving envoys who transmit information about our country abroad. Just for this reason, international tourism should be seen not only as  the currency income source, but also as a means  to promote our own culture. It has already been declared that Nakhchivan will become  the Capital of the Islamic Culture in 2018.  It is a good opportunity to promote to the world  the general development, history and culture  of Nakhchivan, which is located on the junction of the East and the West.

However, tourism is not a self-developing sector, which  develops only on the expense of rich sources. Instead, tourism is a very sensitive system which expects contributions from anyone. This is the reason why any tourism-recreation complex should be approached  as a specialized field. So,  deep knowledge, ability  and high commitment are required  in the field of tourism.

 In general, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is one of the rare regions  which promises the tourists both rich conditions for recreation and impression of spiritual wealth by its tourism potential.  Natural monuments of Nakhchivan supplement each other,  as well as historical-cultural resources with  the  elements of national hospitality exhibit  full  completeness. Safety and comfortable travel conditions are one of the most important requirements of modern tourism and in Nakhchivan these conditions have been provided in the highest level. The land rich with fresh  air, mineral water springs, picturesque landscapes, unique flora and fauna offer a wide opportunity for different kinds of ecotourism here. Modern villages of Nakhchivan have favorable conditions for  rural tourism. Renovation of the villages creates good opportunities for modern social infrastructure  to be used  not only by local residents but also by tourists. Government supports private sector which stimulates  participation of  the local residents  in this type of tourism.

Tourism is very sensitive to the  modern infrastructural conditions created for its development. Thanks to availability of modern hotels,  transport, restaurant chains, travel agencies and qualified staff it is possible to use  them effectively for tourists’ comfortable relax, the  desired tourism reserves can be brought to the  country. Just for this purpose more than 20 modern hotels  with  capacity up to 1500 tourists were built in autonomous republic. The tourists, using modern restaurant network and  convenient ways,  are satisfied with the hospitality and service shown at such hotels of Nakhchivan as  "Duzdagh", "Tabriz", "Grand", "Avtovagzal"  and  Aghbulag Recreation Center.

Tourism is also very sensitive to professionalism. In this perspective, the employees of the tourism sector in Nakhchivan, despite of the post they occupy  should be in the high professionalism, know the history, geography of  native country and of  the region they live, should speak several foreign languages fluently, should own information and communication technologies and patriotically describe the beauties of their motherland and glorify the  hospitality of Azerbaijanis. Professional Tourist guide in modern world will not  expect the  ready schematic route maps to be presented  but will attempt to prepare  tour  drafts in new directions. Today in autonomous republic such tourism routes as Nakhchivan-Shahbuz-Batabat, Nakhchivan-Aghbulagh, Nakhchivan-Ordubad-Gemigaya, Nakhchivan-Ashab-iKehf ,Nakhchivan-Alinjagala, Nakhcivan – Garabaghlar with the focal point in Nakhchivan  were developed.

 However, for increasing the number of these routes many times, one of the main issues is to do some evaluation on their basis and to market the ready tour guidebooks through  tour agencies’ networks. Electronic hotel reservation in our hotels is one of the topics, as well.

On the eve of Novruz holiday, thousands of tourists  are coming to autonomous republic and going to  spend approximately two weeks of leisure time here. Tour agencies should prepare for this and  should present the acquaintance- events plan for tourists working out along with the executives and  municipalities and apply to the  concerned organizations like  Ministry of Culture and Tourism  and scientific- education institutions for support. So, for example, as mentioned above,  people coming to visit their homeland for the sake of national beliefs on holidays may easily get offer of the service  package. So, even thousands of kilometers away, every Azerbaijani desires to return to the hometown and  reunite with relatives which may be evaluated as  a very significant event in religious tourism and as a good opportunity for business. Because every human creature in the world having  belief like such pure feelings as to love the only God and His creatures, to join to the culture, to be respected and to be loved by people,  has the desire  to visit the holy places and to deepen one’s beliefs.

Today people with different beliefs and  religions around the world visit a lot of  religious centers. All kinds of  minimum  conditions   necessary for the  realization of  these routes  and  all religious requirements of pilgrims  are tried to be met-.  This is not occasional. Because religious tourism is the most expensive tourism type after conference and cruise  tourism. Thus, for example, the essential motives of the children and youths taking part in ecotourism are to  contact with nature and environmental introduction. So,  in such case   to generate the revenue  is doomed to reduce. The representatives of the old generation are main participators of the acquaintance    and  religious tourism.  At that time the travel expenditures are  much  higher.    In the past, as usual , pilgrims were rich people and they  travelled by horses and camels, the situation remains  the same today and vast majority of them  prefers   the airline and the  expensive navigational routes. We have plenty amount of places of pilgrimage for pilgrim tourism and  all conditions   in Nakhchivan to accept the high number of  pilgrim-tourists   coming from Muslim countries by plane, by land and in future by railway, as well.

Talking about the sanctuaries existing  in autonomous republic which may serve to development of the religious tourism  such traditional sacred places as Ashab-iKahf,  the old historic mosques, the mausoleum of MomineKhatun, the prophet Noah's tomb, the rock images of Gamigaya, holy  mausoleums, different sacred places   arise in our mind immediately.  Restricting  by naming these  sacred places we had better come to the main topic.   Speaking about religious tourism main attention should be paid to the following problems:  studying  needed fields for the sake of  their development, choosing required tourist segments correctly, preparation of appropriate tourist routes and their certification, preferring the employees who could make contribution into their work and  the use of their power.

 Though  the general conditions  exist for the regulation of  religious tourism, it also  has its own unique requirement. The places of worship necessary for the religious people and pilgrims should be created, the needed  suitable conditions for women, men and children and different package services  should be created. Their technical and economic evaluation, appointment of the suitable prices for different tourist groups is one of the specific requirements.

 There are vast amount of monuments to  introduce both  to local and to foreign tourists on Nakhchivan-Ordubad-Gamigaya, Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf, Nakhchivan-Alinjagala and Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism routes.  It should be noted that in schematic plans  developed by ministry of culture and tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic all the places of interest and    the created  infrastructure were described.  However, for being  successful    and  attempting more  tourists the  additional excursions and service packages  should be included into tours.  We hope that the private sector, the owners being engaged in tourism business will fulfill their duties. Because Nakhchivan conditions  and  available resources  for religious tourism which are  necessary for  modern tourists are not seasonable,  the  conditions are suitable  all year round to bring  tourists to this type of tourism. The  tourism firms should accelerate  their activity in this area and participate in the vast propaganda campaign  for  attempting   part of the tourists who travel to the  autonomous republic to the religious routs. 

Author: Ali Jabbarov

Translator: Anara Nesirli


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