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       Rural tourism nowadays is one of the most widely-spread and profitable types of tourism. The major goal of the developing  this type of tourism is involving the tourists to live in village environment  and to  earn money by means of this. In modern time rural tourism exists  in all countries of  Europe. However, unlike Eastern European countries, it has developed more in Western countries. Rural tourism distinguishes with its dynamic development in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Let's pay attention to the figures: A decade before, about 40 million people have relaxed in country houses and small village hotels in Europe. And now  this number has increased four fold.

  World Tourism Organization forecasts tourism income to be  2 trillion dollars and 20 percent  of this income will be the share of rural tourism. Before all, it would be better to note that this tourism branch has not developed in the same level in every part of the country where rural tourism has made progress. The reason of this is climatic features, relief and geographical position of separate regions. For example, in the most developed countries of the world as Sweden and Norway, rural tourism has developed only in the southern regions of the so-called countries and the harsh climatic conditions of the northern regions hinder this development. In Japan and China this type of tourism is pursued according to the policy "One village, one product" . It  means the population of the village is engaged with the production of  only one type of output for involvement of the tourists in these countries and offers the products to the tourists, simultaneously to the market.

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In hot July month, on a cliff, one photographer and I are standing in front of a waterfall grumbling from the high mountain, either  raging or shining like a diamond,  and scattering cool particles around. We are fascinated in front of abundant waters, frozen in silence, as if we have agreed to be dumb beforehand. Hard and bare rocks are erecting on the right and on the left, falcons and kites are flying over our heads. The smell of  flowers and blossoms have covered everywhere, as if the divine of beauty has decorated these places with her hands. We are silent, but magnificent waterfall speaks. It says ; “ I am a beautiful monument  composed of waters created by nature on the peak of  high mountains, in the shade of clouds, I am the grumbling sound of water world  left from the memory  and legacy of great Noah storm. Look ! Those sharp, copper-like red, moss-covered shingles and rocks are the proofs and signs of my magnificence, power and strength, it is the triumph fete of my powerful waters won over the stones.  While I was running in my silent flow, the stones were blocking  and standing on my way. And when I raged and did not fit my bed I ran over all dams I opened a way through the rocks getting turbulent and roaring. And at that time I subdued these bare rocks, I destroyed and splintered the stones which prevented me from giving life to lands, fields and lawns.

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In brisk period of summer  tourism season Channab village of Ordubad region distinguishes with its dissimilarity for the tourists who want to spend their holidays in different nooks of our autonomous republic. If the residents of  different places of our republic, of the cities  Nakhchivan, Sharur, Jolfa  and big villages as Nehram want to look for cool-picturesque place on hot summer days, they may choose  Channab village of Ordubad together with other villages. Channab has its specific beauty in summer.

Channab is the second village adjacent to Ustupu in the direction of  Duylun-Mazra. It is situated nearly 60 km away from Nakhchivan city and 15 km from the centre of Ordubad region. You cannot conceive the visitor who made his way to this village, generally speaking, to this route . There are so many villages sunk in verdure between the mountains erecting upward Kharabagilan. There is nothing unusual  to meet such verdure in Ordubad bound to gardening and horticulture. Ordubad-born people are very skilled to grow fruit trees even on the rocks. If you go to any village, any yard in this region you will surely get acquainted with an unusual fruit tree, a new fruit sort or the traditions of horticulture.

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While dealing with the tourism resources of Nakhchivan, the first thing to remember is the  nature and   historical monuments of this region. Concomitant  to every historical monument here is considered to be potential source for tourism, the nature of our land is distinguished with its appropriateness. There are tens of subtypes of ecotourism in Nakhchivan which has  rich ecological system. So that each of them may take part in the role of interesting object for tourism. One of such objects is hydrological historical monuments existing in Nakhchivan Autonomous  Republic.

Hydrological monuments  in ecotourism are mainly included in the system of nature monuments . In modern times the steps taken for the development of tourism  have  reached a level which has embraced “If there is not natural, create its identical” logical  ecotourism, as well.  For example; Nowadays  in many countries  the  usage of  artificial  islands  prevails in  tourism  or  it is not a new idea to establish “winter season complex” in hot countries for the tourists.  So we want to say that creation of existing conditions  does not always demand naturalness. The major thing is that the tourists  can take advantage of conditions  which have been given to their service and they are satisfied with them. From this stand-point,  the majority of  water supplies existing in Autonomous Republic  may be presented as hydrological monument inside the tourism sector. And what  are  the monuments of  this type and which roles does it have for the development of tourism  in Autonomous Republic?

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The development of modern tourism is closely connected with the  opportunities of tourism and excursion routes organized in certain directions  for tourists’ interesting travels. The experience shows that this work is the most essential and last stage. So if  road, hotel  and other important   infrastructural matters have been solved for tourism, hereinafter, the  agenda is to create, namely, involving tourism routes for massive tourism in the region. And in this decisive stage we have sufficient resources. In this respect, working on tourism routes, we see how valuable natural resources Nakhchivan has got. That is why this is the need of the day to explore our touristic resources profoundly and to create service packages on the basis of them.

    There are considerable amount of tourism routes to draw both local and foreign  tourists’ attention in Nakhchivan all year round. Today in autonomous republic, Nakhchivan  city as a  central point, tourism routes in the directions of  Nakhchivan-Batabat, Nakhchivan-Agbulag, Nakhchivan-Ordubad-Gamigaya, Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Cave, Nakhchivan –Alinjagala, Nakhchivan-Garabaglar are considerable. However, it is also possible to increase the number of  these routes, to introduce the tickets to the tourists which are sold in these directions. To  make our autonomous republic famous among the world tourism centres,   more and colorful  services will be organized. Our land will be attractive  for exacting, at the same time,  generous tourists who are supposed to come from any nook of the world.

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